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A web page dedicated to celebrate, honor, protect and preserve the relationship of Puerto Rico and the United States of America and the American Citizenship of all the people residing in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

This web page was inaugurated on July 25th, 1998, the one hundredth anniversary of the arrival of American troops in Puerto Rico and the one hundredth anniversary of the conversion of Puerto Rico from a colony or territory of Spain, to a territory of the United States of America. American troops were on a declared war with Spain. They fought the Spanish Army. They were not at war with Puerto Rico. Puerto Rican cheered and welcomed the arriving American Troops.

July 25th is also the anniversary of Puerto Rico's constitution and commonwealth status, further bonding Puerto Rico to the United States.

The information contained in this web page pays homage to the relationship of the island as a territory of the Unites States, and glorifies the significant influence that the U.S. has had on the development of the island in all areas: cultural, technological, social, educational, economical, and to the overall quality of life. (Continues)

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For more information please contact us at prusa@puertoricousa.com.
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