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PNP LogoThe New Progressive Party, also known as the "Statehood" party believes in full integration into the United States as the 51st state of the union.

The party is of the opinion that citizenship as well as the territorial status of Puerto Rico are governed under the territorial clause of the U.S. Constitution, and as such are not permanent in nature. A treaty and a law were approved to make Puerto Rico a territory in 1898 . Another law, the Jones Act, was passed that granted residents American citizenship in 1917. Even our existing commonwealth status, was authorized by law 600 in 1950. Statehooders claim a simple new law can cancel or reverse any of the above mentioned actions, thus our citizenship and territorial status are always in danger. They are not permanent. They could be eliminated any time with a simple new law from Congress.

Statehooders also believe that, while we are part of the U.S. economy and not able to vote for the President, and our lack of representation in congress, we are at a great disadvantage in obtaining our fair share of federal programs and funds. Under statehood, Puerto Rico would be entitled to two (2) Senators and six (6) Representatives.

Statehood will complete the full rights and benefits package of American Citizenship, now missing as an American Citizen from in Puerto Rico.

Studies have shown Puerto Rico has not been able, and cannot grow economically at an adequate rate as a territory or commonwealth. These studies show the island should attain a growth rate of 2.2 to 3.5% faster through full integration to the U.S. economic and political systems. Statehood would provide a much more stable political and economic environment, which will discourage fleeting investments and will attract new investment funds. In addition new and expanded social programs will benefit those that need it the most, the poor.

Faster economic development under statehood will mean higher incomes for U.S. Citizens living in Puerto Rico, and a much improved standard of living for all.

Followers of the statehood status call themselves "estadistas". They usually identify themselves by waving their party's flag, white with a blue palm tree in the center or by an American flag.

The New Progressive Party believes that full American Citizenship and a fair and equitable permanent relationship with the United States can only be achieved by becoming a full fledged State of the greatest nation of all- The United States of America.

John A. Regis Jr., July 1998

We invite the New Progressive Party to submit its own official position on American Citizenship and on the relationship between Puerto Rico and the United States for inclusion in this web page.

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